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Finance for all your technology requirements.

We know that maintaining and advancing your competitive edge is important to you. We offer flexible, affordable, and accessible financing options to ensure you get the business technology solutions you need, when you need them.

Not only will we partner with you closely to understand and fulfil your Solutions needs, we will also design a tailored finance plan to ensure that your vision for future success becomes a reality.

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Finance services
Our rental finance plans are facilitated from both in-house financial resources, as well as from our strategic business partners in the asset financing and banking industry. In this way, our rental financing options are easily accessible, competitive and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Finance contracts offer flexible structuring options across our range of Solutions. Your existing contracts can also be restructured to accommodate the addition of extra solutions, even during the contract period.  In-house financial services consultants offer you a single-point-of-contact that will ensure an effective customer experience throughout your contract period.
If you’d like to free up capital that is already invested, you can opt for our buy back solution. We will value your technology asset and offer to buy it back against a rental finance agreement. This move from a capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model injects capital back into your business and also introduces all of the other above mentioned rental financing benefits. We offer a “no obligation” asset valuation service to assist you in considering your move to rental financing and a future of flexible technology finance and management.

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Great things start with small steps, and exploring our product catalogue can be the first step towards discovering the perfect product for your needs. We believe that you will find the perfect product that tick all the boxes for your requirements, and more!

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