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Although we live in a digital world, paper-based processes are still utilised within a modern-day business. Octopi Smart Solutions’ Office Automation services revolve around assessing and delivering a tailored office printing solution for your business. This process involves hardware consolidation and upgrades to meet your business needs and ensure that printing processes are streamlined accordingly.

Our advanced software solutions offer seamless integration with your printing hardware – giving us the necessary information to assess and guide your business. We can deliver quarterly reports to ensure cost-effective business continuity. We are a Managed Print Services provider as well, allowing your business to outsource printing management and ensure business continuity.


Welcome to Octopi our Automation FAQ's.

Many of our machines now support Wi-Fi. Check the specifications of the model that you have purchased to see if it is Wi-Fi compatible. All features and facilities will be listed in the printer handbook, as well as on our website. Another quick way to see if your machine is Wi-Fi compatible is to look at its name. If the title of your machine includes the letter 'W,' as in HP Pagewide P57750dw, it is likely that the machine has Wi-Fi capabilities. In some cases, the 'W' may stand for something else, so keep in mind that this may not be applicable to every printer. However, in general, this is a fairly reliable indicator; however, always double-check to be absolutely certain.

In general, a visible vertical line down your page after printing indicates that the image drum in the machine is damaged. It could also indicate that the machine is nearing the end of its useful life. Check the printer's page count or perform a quick maintenance check to ensure that the machine doesn't simply need to be cleaned. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

Dots on the page are usually an indication that the printer needs to be cleaned. Paper dust, glue, and other contaminants can accumulate inside the machine and damage the drum's surface. Toner can build up or stick to these areas of the drum, resulting in black dots on the paper. For assistance, please contact our support team.

If the paper you've put in the machine is jamming, it could be for a variety of reasons. The two most common causes of this problem are a) cheap paper and b) excessively thick paper. To avoid future paper jamming problems, conduct research to determine which papers are and are not compatible with your machine. Most machines accept paper thicknesses ranging from 80gsm to 120gsm. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

GSM is an abbreviation for 'Grams per Square Metre,' and it is a term that is frequently used when discussing media thickness.

Some operating systems, particularly those that are older or out of date, may not be supported by your new machine. We usually recommend that printers be replaced after about three years. Of course, this is entirely dependent on how frequently you use the printer. However, newer machines are less likely to support older operating systems. The best way to find out if your operating system is supported is to look at the printer's specifications. All of this information will be available on our website or in the printer's handbook.

If you're having trouble scanning to a network, it's most likely due to a connectivity problem. Check to ensure that everything is properly connected before attempting again. If the problem persists after you have troubleshooted it, you should contact our support desk directly to report it. A network connectivity failure, on the other hand, is usually easily resolved. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

If you are unable to scan to your PC, this is usually due to a failure in connectivity. To begin, ensure that the two devices are connected to one another. Some older computer systems are incompatible with new printing devices, so if you've had your computer for a long time or it's running an outdated operating system like Windows 7, this may not work. If, after troubleshooting, the problem persists, please contact our support team as soon as possible. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

In general, if the colour toner has run out, you cannot print in black.

If your printer takes a long time to start, this could indicate a problem with the connection or a faulty file. To fix this, you must address every possible flaw. To begin, ensure that everything is properly connected. Examine the settings on your PC, laptop, or mobile device to ensure that everything is properly connected. If the connection appears to be stable, ensure that the file is secure. If there is a problem with the file, the document will most likely not print. Simply double-clicking the file to open it is a quick and easy way to test this. If an error message appears and the file does not open, there is a good chance that it is corrupt. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

In a nutshell, this refers to how long you are covered on your machine. For example, if your machine has a 3-year manufacturer warranty and fails within that time frame, you are entitled to a full refund or replacement from the manufacturer. The majority of our machines are covered by lengthy warranties, providing our customers with much-needed peace of mind.

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